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So That No Child Is Turned Away

So that no child is turned away was the impetus of Children's Hospital & Medical Center

The year was 1942 and Mrs. Henry Doorly, wife of the owner of the Omaha World-Herald, was being discharged from an Omaha hospital when an anguished father and mother were trying to seek admission of their toddler. The hospital attendant required a $10 deposit and the family, unable to pay, was being turned away until Mrs. Doorly stepped in an offered to cover their bill. This pivotal moment sparked a fund-raising drive that built a new hospital, just for children, where no child is ever refused because of an inability to pay.

Decades later, this vision has grown into Children’s Hospital & Medical Center where fund-raising is still integral to covering the uncompensated care that Children’s annually underwrites as part of our mission: To improve the life of every child—through dedication to exceptional clinical care, research, education and advocacy.

To date in 2013, the current charity care expense underwritten by the hospital totals $9.6 million. This figure is already double that which was experienced in 2012.  Your support of the Foundation’s efforts is more important now than ever. A charitable gift gives the gift of childhood to our patients in desperate need of critical care.

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