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Named Endowments and Facilities

Children's Hospital & Medical Center has opportunities for naming Departments, Clinics, Endowed Chairs, Fellowships and Programs. The following is a brief look at existing options. For specifics, please email.

Endowed Chairs and Fellowships:

An endowed position makes it possible for Children's to continue to increase our contributions to the future of science and health.

Donor Benefits
For the donor, an endowment creates an enduring highly visible link between the donor or honoree for whom the endowment is named and the achievements of the program that the endowment supports. For the recipient, an endowment provides a welcome, ongoing source of funding. Endowments are powerful recruiting tools for attracting and retaining the most talented and sought-after health scientists and teachers. 

William H. Fleming. M.D. Endowed Chair in Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery (endowed in 2011)

Barbara W. and Ronald W. Schaefer Endowed Chair in Pediatric Orthopaedics (endowed in 2012)

Endowed Chair in Pediatric Cardiology

Endowed Chair in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

NEW! Cardiology Fellowship Program - Because it is honorary and permanent, this type of endowment plays a vital role in sustaining a first-rate program. 

NEW! Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program is a three-year program designed to provide physicians following residency with clinical, research and teaching skills necessary for this subspecialty.

Facility Naming Opportunities:

Children's Hospital & Medical Center Campus

Children's Speciality Pediatric Center

Children's Speciality Pediatric Center Clinics:
   Pediatric Surgery
   Sports Med
   Cystic Fibrosis

NEW! Hematology/Oncology Center (opening in Spring 2014)
   Infusion Waiting Area
   Hematology/Oncology Waiting Area
   Greeting Station
   Conference Room
   Infusion Procedure Room
   Infusion Nurses Station
   Private Infusion Rooms (4)
   Infusion Nurishment Station
   Oncology Exam Rooms (8)
   Intake Stations (2)
   Consult room
   Hematology/Oncology Work Stations (3)
   Play areas in waiting room (2)
   Infusion Station (10)

Carolyn Scott Rainbow House (opening in January 2015)
   Second and Third Floors 
   Guest Room Wing- Third Floor 
   Guest Room Wing - First Floor East 
   Second Floor Lobby 
   Guest Room Large 
   Guest Room Standard 
   House Pantry 
   Lobby Sitting Areas 
   Cooking Stations 
   Staff Office  
   Guest Laundry 
   Main Laundry  
   Computer Station 
   Framed child artwork

For specifics on any of these opportunities, please contact the Foundation at 402.955.6863 or email.