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Grateful Patient

Caroline's Story

by William and Kristine Browne

During the 32nd week of pregnancy a regular check-up turned in to one of grave concern when the doctor delivered a diagnosis that our daughter had “a form of skeletal dysplasia/dwarfism.” During the next six weeks we could do nothing but wait and imagine the worst. 

On the eve of Halloween in 2009, “Sweet Caroline” was born. She let out a strong cry at birth and looked like a perfect sized infant. Dad was thrilled to be able to hold her rather than rush her off to the neonatal intensive care unit. But, eventually she was taken for a full-body x-ray, which revealed 14 in-utero fractures at various stages of healing and the clinical diagnosis of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI).

The possibility that she may never walk was part of the initial discussion with medical staff. A few months later the genetic test results confirmed the diagnosis as OI Type IV and as she began to roll around she also began to fracture the long bones in her legs. We knew we had to find help. And we did in the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center OI Clinic in Omaha.

Caroline who is now in 1st grade has a zest for life, the confidence to run, jump, and play much like any other seven year old, and demonstrates grace in accepting her condition. We are very grateful for the entire OI Clinic as we know that their touch has significantly impacted Caroline’s life both physically and emotionally. Two men that should be mentioned are Dr. Paul Esposito (pictured with Caroline) who is a soft-spoken, kind man who wears an infectious smile no matter the mood and Dr. Eric Rush who cares deeply about and is dedicated to improving the long term prognosis of OI patients.

As a grateful patient family, the Brownes give to support the OI Clinic and the research work the medical team is conducting to improve the quality of life of these precious children.