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Gifts of Gratitude

Honor someone who was dedicated to your child with a Gift of Gratitude.

Sometimes when your child is hurting, you meet a caregiver who goes "above and beyond" to help you and offer you support and hope.  Your heart can overflow with gratitude. “Thank you” doesn’t feel like enough. Words fail. Hugs and handshakes miss the mark.

Has a physician, nurse or staff member made a difference in your child's life?  Did someone make you or other family members feel more comfortable?  A Gift of Gratitude says thank you in a way that sometimes words just can't.  It's a way to tell that special caregiver you appreciate what they did for your child. 

Gifts of Gratitude offers you a way to say thanks and give special recognition to that person who made a difference in your child's life at a time when they needed it most.  Your generosity will help support the life-saving mission of Children's and greatly affirms and encourages the caregiver. 

Please consider honoring someone who has inspired and impacted you and your child. 

Give a Gift of Gratitude Now.       Download the Brochure.

For more information, contact:
Suzanne Rogert
Director of Development
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